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The Cell Microscopy Core (CMC) of the Department of Cell Biology of the University Medical Centre (UMC) Utrecht, The Netherlands, provides support on the available techniques for UMC UTRECHT groups, UU groups, Hubrecht Laboartory, academic community and industry.

The CMC offers different kinds of access:

  1. Use of equipment. After being trained, the equipment can be used against a reasonable beam-time fee.
  2. Pilot study/ short project: In general we can handle about 20 pilot studies per year, a pilot study is maximal 40 hrs. of work, including meetings, administration and practical work. The work is conducted by the CMC staff. This option is available for UMC and UU groups.
  3. Experimental work conducted in the lab of the CMC. After being trained by the CMC staff researchers can independently perform their experiments in the CMC facility. In the required bench fee the use of equipment, chemicals and disposables is included. 
  4. Contract research. Experimental work conducted by CMC staff members. This is time effective since it reduces training time, but labor intensive and therefore we have limited capacity. For each project a separate contract will be made.
  5. Annual courses. In collaboration with Leica, FEI and Diatome the CMC organizes an annual 4-day international, hands-on course for Resin-EM and a 5 day international course for Cryo-sectioning & Immuno-EM.

If you want to use the CMC for your EM research, please fill in this form and contact Nalan Liv. 

If you want to have more information regarding our hands-on Electron Microscopy workshops, please press here.