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Cell Microscopy Core

Cell Microscopy Core (CMC), is an expertise center for microscopy at the subcellular, cellular and tissue level. CMC is specialized in, and internationally renowned for immuno-electron microscopy (immunogold labeling of Tokuyasu cryosections) and correlative light-electron microscopy (CLEM). These methods uniquely allow the study of molecules at the nanoscale,  within the ultrastructural context of the cell.

CMC is ratified as the CLEM node within the national Roadmap projects Netherlands Electron Microscopy Infrastructure (NEMI) and NL-BioImaging, as well as the European ESFRI project EuroBioImaging.

The infrastructure of CMC comprises equipment for EM sample preparation of biological specimens, fluorescent microscopy, live-cell imaging, transmission EM, FIB-SEM and CLEM. Together this covers a full range of microscopy methods for integrated studies at the subcellular, cellular and tissue level.

Expert CMC staff provide microscopy training, assistance with experimental design and interpretation, microscopy and imaging analysis courses, and full project service. This effectively allows users to address fundamental and applied research questions that require molecular and ultrastructural information.

If you want to make use of the available expertise in CMC, please see the Access for options. 

Scientific Coordinator

Nalan Liv, PhD.

Phone: +31 88 7557578

Lab Manager

Light Microscopy Manager

Corlinda ten Brink

Phone: +31 88 7556548

Senior Technician

Electron Microscopy Manager

Tineke Veenendaal

Phone: +31 88 7557651


Betty Hartgring

Telephone: +31 88 7556551
Email Betty:


Cell Microscopy Core
University Medical Center Utrecht
Heidelberglaan 100
3584 CX Utrecht
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 88 7556551